• skunkyy 150x160Member clubs of the American Cribbage Congress Grass Roots program play sanctioned tournaments guided by a set of official rules. Sessions are nine games one-on-one against nine different opponents with a point system to award prizes and accumulation of milestones.

    We also play two eighteen game tournaments per season in which our club members are competing with other clubs within our region of Western Canada and the 'Great Northwest' of the United States. 

    Guests are invited to play in up to three sessions before deciding to join (an annual fee applies). 

    Membership features:

    • Friendly competition 
    • Statistics tracking
    • Awards for special accomplishments (such as playing a '29' hand)
    • Opportunity to participate in larger tournaments all over North America

    Please note: Members are not required to play in all thirty-six sessions per season. However, participation in a minimum of eighteen sessions is required to play in the end of season playoffs.

  • flags cdn us 200x235The American Cribbage Congress is a non profit organization that began in 1980 to sponsor sanctioned Cribbage play. We invite you to visit their web site by clicking here for full details and information. Membership is $20.00 USD per year for individuals and $25.00 USD for joint membership (spouses/partners). A monthly subscription to Cribbage World is included.

    The ACC sponsors National tournaments in various North American locations as well as Local "Grass Roots" clubs that play by rules established by the ACC. Members enjoy the benefits of challenging play and accumulation of points in recognition of playing skills. 

    The primary goal is always fun and friendship. Our goal is to create an enjoyable atmosphere for members to play a challenging game within the spirit of good sportsmanship. Inappropriate language and related behaviour will not be tolerated as per the ACC Code of Ethics and the official Grass Roots Manual

    The location of our club is easily accessible from the Greater Vancouver area and Fraser Valley. We are also situated a short drive from the U.S. border for anyone living in upper Washington State and looking for a place for Grass Roots play.

  • The cost of playing starts at a minimum of $10.00 for basic play.
    There are three optional pools available to a maximum of $20.00 total entry.

    Basic $10.00 Minimum Entry - eligible for session prizes
    Optional 'Q' Pool $5.00 Tournament prizes based on entrants
    Special Hand Pool $3.00 Prizes awarded for holding and playing a unique hand
    Best Four in a Row $2.00 Tournament prizes based on entrants

    Points & Session Ranking

    • Players are issued scorecards with nine games listed.
    • All play is one on one.
    • Two points are awarded for a win; three points for a win by skunk.
    • Point differential is recorded for each match.
    • Session standings are determined by Points, Games won and Point differential.


    • Cash prizes are awarded on a one in four ratio. For example, top three players in a tournament of twelve.
    • Same ratio applies for 'Q' Pool and Best Four in a Row.
    • Special Hands are paid as per chart
    • Prizes are paid every week for last '24 Hand' and 'High Hand and Crib Combo' for the session (Entry into Special Hand Pool required).
    • We also have a 'Skunk Pot' in which players contribute $1.00 and receive a draw ticket when loosing a game by a skunk. One prize per session is awarded on a 60/40 ratio with a portion retained for general club revenue.
    • We also donate 25ยข to general revenue for holding a '19' hand.
    • 'General Revenue' is used for facility costs, prize boards and end of season tournament and dinner.
  • Optional Special Hand Prizes  

    29hand 29 Hand $50.00

    Win all 9 games in the weekly session

     Grand Slam $40.00
    28hand  28 Hand $30.00
    24 3hand   Special 24 Hands    $20.00   
    24 4hand 
    24 6hand 
     27 7hand
    royal anne  Royal Anne $20.00
    royal andy  Royal Andy  $20.00
    straight flush   Straight Flush w/cut $15.00
     23hand j5 23 Hands  $10.00 
    23hand 456
    aaa66  A Special Full House $10.00
    kqj55   Special 21 Hand $10.00

    Balanced Score Card

    Even plus & minus points  $10.00
     4of nocut  4 of a kind w/o cut $5.00

    High Hand and Crib Combo 

     Point Total $5.00
     full house  Full House in the Crib  $5.00
     flush  Flush in the Crib $5.00
    r anne  Raggedy Anne $3.00
    r andy Raggedy Andy $3.00
    4of cut  4 of a kind with the cut  $3.00
    2 4 6 8 10 All Even Hand $3.00

    Download special_hands.doc

Club Locations - ACC Club 340

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