skunkyy 150x160Member clubs of the American Cribbage Congress Grass Roots program play sanctioned tournaments guided by a set of official rules. Sessions are nine games one-on-one against nine different opponents with a point system to award prizes and accumulation of milestones.

We also play two eighteen game tournaments per season in which our club members are competing with other clubs within our region of Western Canada and the 'Great Northwest' of the United States. 

Guests are invited to play in up to three sessions before deciding to join (an annual fee applies). 

Membership features:

  • Friendly competition 
  • Statistics tracking
  • Awards for special accomplishments (such as playing a '29' hand)
  • Opportunity to participate in larger tournaments all over North America

Please note: Members are not required to play in all thirty-six sessions per season. However, participation in a minimum of eighteen sessions is required to play in the end of season playoffs.

Club Locations

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