The cost of playing starts at a minimum of $10.00 for basic play.
There are three optional pools available to a maximum of $20.00 total entry.

Basic $10.00 Minimum Entry - eligible for session prizes
Optional 'Q' Pool $5.00 Tournament prizes based on entrants
Special Hand Pool $3.00 Prizes awarded for holding and playing a unique hand
Best Four in a Row $2.00 Tournament prizes based on entrants

Points & Session Ranking

  • Players are issued scorecards with nine games listed.
  • All play is one on one.
  • Two points are awarded for a win; three points for a win by skunk.
  • Point differential is recorded for each match.
  • Session standings are determined by Points, Games won and Point differential.


  • Cash prizes are awarded on a one in four ratio. For example, top three players in a tournament of twelve.
  • Same ratio applies for 'Q' Pool and Best Four in a Row.
  • Special Hands are paid as per chart
  • Prizes are paid every week for last '24 Hand' and 'High Hand and Crib Combo' for the session (Entry into Special Hand Pool required).
  • We also have a 'Skunk Pot' in which players contribute $1.00 and receive a draw ticket when loosing a game by a skunk. One prize per session is awarded on a 60/40 ratio with a portion retained for general club revenue.
  • We also donate 25ยข to general revenue for holding a '19' hand.
  • 'General Revenue' is used for facility costs, prize boards and end of season tournament and dinner.

Club Locations

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